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Do your muscles and joints feel stiff and sore in the cold weather? Do you experience difficulties warming up and feel low in energy? Does your circulation and pain get worse in winter? Are you on the hunt for natural treatments to help your health recover? With the use of moxibustion, Melbourne is not such a cold place!

Perhaps you have heard of moxibustion (moxa) for breech presentations. Maybe someone has recommended you find a local Melbourne practitioner, to experience moxa therapy.

Moxa is especially a useful modality to use in the southern Vic regions of Australia where the seasons and cold are more pronounced. At Dantian Health it often is incorporated in treatments, especially those colder months!

Moxibustion is a core modality of the Traditional Chinese Medicine toolkit. It involves the burning of mugwort herb on or near the skin to produce a therapeutic heat. It is commonly applied at the location of acupuncture points or along the pathway of acupuncture channels. This heat therapy may also be applied to broader areas of the body.

In the classical texts from China, the use of Moxa was mentioned alongside the use of the acupuncture needle as the primary tools of treatment.

Moxibustion may be used as a stand-alone therapy. More commonly it is utilised in conjunction with a massage or acupuncture treatment.

What is moxa used for?

Clinically, moxa is applied with the underlying theoretical models of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Moxibustion can thus be used to address a range of medical health presentations. The same mugwort plant as used for moxibustion is also used in Chinese herbal medicine. It is used in formulas to treat internal health conditions related to cold.
Moxa is used to reintroduce warmth to the body, which invigorates the blood, benefiting circulation. The properties of the herb also have broader healing effects. This includes helping to restore energy and benefitting inflammation and immunity.

How do moxa sticks work?

Moxa warms and invigorates

The most common method of application in Traditional Chinese Medicine practice is the use of a moxibustion stick. These ‘cigars’ are packed with moxa leaf and held burning above the skin. This warms the local area as well as stimulates specific acupuncture points.
Moxa may also be used attached to the top of an inserted acupuncture needle. In Japanese acupuncture traditions, it is common to apply moxibustion directly. This is with small pieces, with careful application to prevent any burning of the body.
To learn more, read this article about what is moxibustion.

Clinic for Moxibustion, Melbourne

As an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist registered throughout Australia, I offer moxibustion therapy as an adjunct to acupuncture and massage sessions. I also offer 30min stand-alone moxa sessions. Sessions are at my clinic for acupuncture in Brunswick, Melbourne VIC.

If you have any questions around how moxibustion may help pain or any other specific condition your body has, then feel free to reach out and contact me.

It is also easy to jump straight in and book your appointment online in just a few minutes!

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