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Do you have a sore tight muscle that just won’t let go? Is your range of motion inhibited? Are there knots in your back causing you pain? Are you seeking a natural remedy for a shoulder muscle that you feel just can’t relax?

Perhaps you have heard of Chinese cupping therapy. Maybe a friend has suggested you find one of the many places, like Dantian Health, that do cupping therapy in Melbourne.

As a therapy cupping can be found in the traditions of many of the different cultures found in Melbourne. This includes Asian, Islamic and Mediterranean cultures. Most commonly though it is recognised as one of the many therapies of Chinese medicine.

During a fire cupping session, glass cups are placed on your tight muscles. A vacuum seal is created to keep them attached. This is achieved through the use of a flame, which is quickly inserted into the cup, burning up the oxygen prior to placement of the cup on your muscles. This creates a suction which helps to stretch the fascia (connective tissue) to increase blood flow and treat pain.

Silicon (rubber) cups and plastic suction cups may also be used. With these tools, a pump or simply squeezing will remove the air to create the seal required.

Most commonly applied to the back, cupping is commonly used to treat pain caused by muscular tension. By removing constrictions in the tissue it can also help restore structural function. The application of cups can also benefit the function of internal organs. It is often used across many cultures to prevent the onset of symptoms of a head cold.

Following a cupping treatment, people often experience improved muscle function and less pain. It is common that some cupping marks are left behind following treatment, which fade after a few days. These marks are well recognised, as many celebrities (eg Gwyneth Paltrow) and famous athletes (eg Michael Phelps) have been seen proudly displaying their cupping marks.

That’s right Melbourne, cupping is not about a horse race!

What is wet cupping?

This is commonly known as Hijama cupping. This technique involves light piercing of the skin in conjunction with the application of suction cups. The vacuum effect removes stagnant blood from the body and increases healthy blood flow.
Hijama is a detoxification therapy practised in the Islamic communities of Melbourne. Commonly it is used in the days surrounding Ramadan.

What is the difference between dry and wet cupping?

Wet cupping involves the removal of blood from the body, where dry cupping does not. Dry cupping is also known as Myofascial cupping and may include techniques such as fixed and sliding cupping.
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What is cupping in acupuncture?

Cupping Therapy with Acupuncture

During a massage, Myofascial cupping may often be incorporated, though cupping can also be used as a stand-alone therapy.
Acupuncture and cupping are often used together in treatment, before or during needle retention. Commonly cups may be applied locally to the affected region. This is while needles are placed in distal locations. Combined, they work together to relieve pain in the muscles and restore health.
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Clinic for cupping, Melbourne

If you are looking to experience a cupping therapy session, I offer professional treatment at my Brunswick acupuncture clinic, in the inner north of Melbourne, 5 days a week.

As an experienced therapist, I offer cupping therapy as an adjunct to acupuncture or Oriental remedial massage appointments. I also offer 30min stand-alone sessions of cupping.

If you have any questions you can use my contact form to send me an email.

You can also book a time to visit my Melbourne clinic online in just a few minutes to make things easy!

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