Chinese Medicine Telehealth

Book a Chinese Medicine Teleconsultation now.

Chinese Medicine telehealth consultations are now available to help you if you are housebound. These telemedicine sessions are being offered in light of the current coronavirus physical distancing guidelines which are in place for Australia.

* These sessions are available for existing clients of Dantian Health only.

What is the definition of telehealth?

Telehealth appointments are conducted over the internet using video software such as Zoom. Phone consultations are also an option, though video is preferred as it allows for a more complete observation for diagnostic purposes.

What are the benefits of telehealth?

It a way in which you can have a consultation with a professional health practitioner without needing to leave the comfort of your own space. This is especially useful if you cannot or should not leave your home space for health reasons.

What happens during a Chinese Medicine telehealth consultation?

During a teleconsultation we will discuss your health issues, explore health tips for you which may include dietary and exercise advise or self acupressure. This will also include a prescription of Chinese Herbal Medicine to help you manage your symptoms and stay healthy.

You customised prescription of Chinese herbs will then be packaged in granulated form for your convenience and delivered directly or by post.

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