How to Review an Acupuncturist

Acupuncture review

From time to time I am asked if someone can leave a review for me. I most certainly appreciate the gesture, and reviews helps me gain exposure to people looking to find the best acupuncturist for their healthcare. But as an AHPRA registered professional, there are certain guidelines that must be abided by. To this end, …

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Australian private health insurance changes – Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture Health Insurance

Private health insurance changes took effect on 1st April 2019. There is still confusion as to what these changes mean for the consumer, especially in relation to coverage for acupuncture. The intention is to make things more streamlined and easier to understand by creating standardised tiers of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Basic for hospital covers. …

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Nagano style acupuncture

Nagano Style Acupuncture

Who is Master Nagano? Master Kiyoshi Nagano was a blind acupuncturist from the mid to late 20th century in Japan. His study of the classics and western medicine led to the development of his unique style. This was outside of many of the established styles of practice already popular in Japan. He utilised a highly …

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Acupuncture for natural pain relief

Acupuncture for Natural Pain Relief

Many people seek help from a practitioner of acupuncture for pain relief. The presence of pain causes distress and interferes with the ability to perform the activities we desire. According to Pain Australia, chronic pain affects 20% of Australia’s population. An estimated 80% of sufferers not receiving adequate treatment.  Pain may be solely physical but there is often emotional pain as well. The economic …

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