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Are you suffering from muscle pain or other types of pain? Does your body have trouble relaxing out of the constant rush of modern life? Does it feel like your health is south of where you want it to? Could your energy do with a boost?

Have you heard about acupuncture? Has someone recommended you to find a Melbourne acupuncture clinic to experience a drug-free approach to health care? Did you google ‘acupuncture near me’ to find who was around? We are fortunate in Melbourne to have many acupuncturists to help look after your health.

Chinese acupuncture is one of many therapies under the banner of Chinese Medicine. Others include Chinese Herbal Medicine, Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, Tuina massage, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Training to become an acupuncturist requires at least four years of undergraduate study. This includes the theories and practices of both Western and Chinese Medicine. Melbourne acupuncture schools such as the Southern School of Natural Therapies, Endeavour and RMIT offer these programs. Mastery, however, is a lifetime of practice!

Acupuncture study

Acupuncture is not just a Chinese thing. In fact, there are many popular styles of practice from Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Acupuncture developed in these countries along different trajectories over the course of history. This has resulted in a range of approaches to treat the body. In fact, it more appropriately is East Asian Medicine rather than Chinese Medicine.

At Dantian Health, I have training in many different styles of acupuncture. I have been fortunate to have learnt from many local and international Chinese Medicine practitioners. This was throughout the course of my study and career.

With all these different approaches on the menu for me, my clinical focus is the Japanese lineage of Nagano style acupuncture. This, for me, is the best acupuncture style to resonate with my background and approach in the clinic.

This style involves thorough palpation of the body through, to determine areas of pain and discomfort. By creating positive change in these areas during a session, the body’s healing ability is engaged. This results in a return of the natural ability of our body to achieve a functional harmony. It can then begin to resolve the symptoms that bring you to my Melbourne acupuncture practice.

Acupuncture practitioners are eligible to register with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. This is under the umbrella of the national AHPRA. One of the requirements for this registration is a high level of education. Also required is a commitment to ongoing learning and professional development in the field of Chinese Medicine.

For more information around treatment plans and expectations, check out these articles on how much acupuncture costs and how many acupuncture treatments you need.

I invite you to book a time to find out more about how Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture may be helpful for your health.

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What are the benefits of acupuncture?

Acupuncture therapy involves not simply the treatment of symptoms. It attempts to understand the root imbalance underlying your individual health presentation. A common benefit is that people generally feel relaxed after a treatment.
It works holistically to create a better quality of health and thus can deal with a large range of conditions. As a drug-free treatment option, it has become more popular in this age of poly-pharmacy.
There is a range of conditions for which acupuncture has been shown to be effective. The team that compiled the Acupuncture Evidence Project made a great collation of these. You can search through this summary for more info
People seek acupuncture in Melbourne for a wide variety of reasons. Pain is the most common reason that people seek an acupuncture practitioner.
Around Spring, hay fever and sinus problems are often prominent in the clinic due to the famous Melbourne plane trees. This can for many be accompanied by migraine or tinnitus.
With modern life stress, depression and anxiety are commonly present for people. Acupuncture is a service that can complement other therapies such as counselling.
In Melbourne, people also seek the help of a Chinese Medicine practitioner for menstrual and pregnancy issues as well as IVF support. Acupuncture is often used as part of labour preparation. Visits to an acupuncturist are common to assist with labour induction.
Everyone has individual health presentations and background. I encourage you to speak directly to an acupuncturist for more specific advice around your health.

How does acupuncture work?

People often ask this question during acupuncture treatment whilst needles are in. The theoretical model of Chinese Medicine on which acupuncture is based talks primarily in the language of Qi and Xue. These concepts hold some relation to Western descriptive models but no exact match.
A popular interpretation is that Qi refers to energy or the level of oxygen that is moving through our body. Xue is translated as blood and refers to the nutrients and minerals we need to sustain our physical being.
Modern research into the mechanisms of acupuncture has been conducted for decades. Many models have been explored including sensory nerve pathways, biochemical markers including opioid and non-opioid neuropeptides, neurotransmitters, effects on the central nervous system such as increased functional connectivity, decreased sympathetic (stress out) response and engagement of parasympathetic (chill out) activity. There is also the mechanical effects of stimulating release through the fascia (connective tissue).
There are many factors which all team up to explain how acupuncture works. But no unifying theory has yet been determined within the Western medical model. Self-regulation of purinergic signalling is a recently discussed mechanism that offers to tie together many of these models.
In my Melbourne acupuncture clinic, I generally explain acupuncture to be a circulatory medicine. Physically it rebalances the bodily structure and releases constriction in the muscle tissue. This means the circulation of blood and fluids is improved. With this, all the chemical, hormonal and nutritive that are transported within can reach where they need. In turn, this allows the internal organs to restore healthy function. Thus a sense of wellbeing and relief to the symptoms is experienced.
If you would like to learn more, check out this article on what is acupuncture.

My clinic for acupuncture in Melbourne Vic

Dantian Health Acupuncture clinic in Brunswick is just a short trip on the tram north of Melbourne CBD. I offer you the choice of an appointment time both during and after work hours.

I spend the time during your session solely on you and your health concerns. I work hard to ensure that I provide the best acupuncture treatment to help ease your pain as quickly as possible.

Should you have questions around your health or the therapies I offer then please feel free to contact me. Similarly, if you would like to know more about acupuncture treatments in my Melbourne clinic.

I offer the ability to book your session online in just a few minutes to keep things easy for you!

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