Tuina and Shiatsu massages

Massage is used in many different cultures as a therapeutic tool, assisting in health maintenance by keeping the body relaxed and loose, and easing the mental stresses of life.
There are many different modalities of remedial massage available and at Dantian Health in Melbourne the focus is on the Oriental modalities of Tuina (Chinese remedial massage) and Shiatsu (Japanese massage).
Eastern massage therapy draws upon the learned wisdom of Chinese medicine theory, using the understanding of pathways throughout the body to treat a variety of external musculoskeletal conditions as well as internal health concerns.
By incorporating stimulation of specific acupuncture points, Oriental remedial massage provides a great alternative health maintenance option for people who are uncomfortable with the use of acupuncture needles.
A massage therapist may rub or knead your muscles, either through a medium such as a towel or directly with the use of massage oil. The joints may be mobilised and stretched to open restrictions and relieve pain.
Remedial massage may not only be applied to local areas of discomfort but also to distal regions of the body to allow full relaxation and encourage the restoration of men's and women's health.
Cupping, Gua Sha and moxibustion are often used in conjunction with the hands-on approach of direct massage therapy to help consolidate and deepen the systemic effects of the treatment.
Consultations with the Dantian Health Chinese medicine and massage clinic in Melbourne are exclusively by appointment
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