Gua Sha

Gua Sha, commonly called "scraping, spooning or coining", involves your remedial therapist creating friction over an area of skin with a blunt object such as the rounded edge of a Chinese ceramic soup spoon.
Gua Sha has an anti-inflammatory and immunity stimulation effect on the body and is an alternative treatment commonly used to help release muscular tension, as well as ward off the initial onset of the common cold.
The purpose of Gua Sha is to relax the surrounding muscles. It draws toxins out from deep within the muscles and body, allowing them to be cleansed and renourished with fresh blood.
These toxins are a result of the congestion of Qi and blood in the body. This congestion can be the source of local pain, as in the ancient Chinese saying "where there is pain, there is no free flow".
Gua Sha may be used as a stand-alone therapy but is more commonly utilised in conjunction with a massage or acupuncture treatment.
After Gua Sha has been applied there may be marks appearing in the treated area. This is called Sha and reflects the toxins which are being released from the body. Sha generally disappears within a few days after treatment.
Ensuring a good intake of water in the days following treatment assists your body in clearing these marks and toxins away. Keeping the treated area warm and covered helps protect the area from cold which can lead to a recurrence of symptoms.
If you have any concerns about marks or discomfort following Gua Sha therapy, be sure to discuss them with Jason at Dantian Health in Melbourne.
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