Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine and formulas have been used for more than 2000 years in the management of acute and chronic health complaints.
Chinese herbalists utilise substances readily found in nature including seeds, leaves, barks and minerals to assist the body in restoring its health.
These substances such as cinnamon, liquorice or ginger are often familiar. Others such as Bupleurum or Astragalus may not be so familiar.
Occasionally insect or animal products may also be used. At Dantian Health, endangered species and unethically sourced products are never used, with alternatives available for people following a vegetarian lifestyle.
Each substance used in Chinese herbal medicine is viewed through its properties of taste, temperature and nature, which together guide the herb to a particular part of the body, eliciting a specific effect.
Chinese herbs are generally administered as a formula in which multiple herbs are combined to work synergistically to send a specific message to the body.
These formulas support the functioning of the body and help replenish the material aspects which may have been damaged through the external climatic environment, mental and emotional stress, overwork, poor diet, lack of exercise, toxic overload and trauma.
The formulas primarily used at Dantian Health in Melbourne have been around for 2000 years of documented use, being drawn from the oldest clinical text on Chinese medicine available, the Shang Han Za Bing Lun.
Classical training
Jason Chong has received extensive training on this text, having studied with Arnaud Versluys who is a world renowned scholar, practitioner and founder of the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine.
This training has resulted in Jason being inducted as part of the Tian family lineage of practitioners, an honour in itself, meaning that he has been instructed in methods of diagnosis and application of Chinese herbal medicine that have been kept a closely guarded secret.
This lineage-based medicine is the historical heart of how Chinese medicine has been learnt and transmitted throughout its history, and is a unique and personal journey of learning which Jason has pursued in addition to his fundamental training in Chinese medicine.
Chinese herbal formulas are tailored specifically to your presentation during consultation and adjusted by your herbalist as treatment progresses to best assist your body restore its health.
For this reason it is best to visit a properly trained and registered Chinese herbalist such as Jason to ensure the formula you are taking is and remains the most appropriate for your current health.
Chinese herbal prescriptions
Chinese herbal formulas are prescribed in many different forms such as decoctions, powders and pills, each with its own benefits and specific purpose.
At Dantian Health in Brunswick, Melbourne, formulas are generally prescribed in the form of herbal granules where the herbs have been decocted to extract their active constituents and are then combined to specifically match the presenting needs of your body.
This method of prescription allows for easy consumption as the only preparation that is required is to add warm water to your granule formula. Chinese herbal medicine is an effective and safe treatment option.
Chinese herbal formulas available at Dantian Health in Melbourne offer a drug-free alternative to the management of pain and health conditions. If you're taking any medications regularly, be sure to discuss this with Jason to avoid any possible interactions.
Consultations with the Dantian Health Chinese medicine and herbal clinic in Brunswick are exclusively by appointment
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