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Acupuncture involves the stimulation of specific points around your body by an acupuncturist using needles to help regulate the flow of blood and Qi (energy), providing a safe and drug-free approach to managing your pain and health concerns.
When there are blockages to the free flow of blood and Qi, disease occurs as the body struggles to maintain harmony within itself.
These blockages may arise as a result of the body's difficulty in dealing with stressful influences such as the external climate, mental and emotional stress, overwork, poor diet, lack of exercise, toxic overload and trauma, among others.
Acupuncture helps to disperse and prevent these blockages by releasing constrictions in the fascia (connective) tissue which allows nutrients and energy to freely reach throughout your body, encouraging its natural healing potential to take over.
Acupuncture is a key component of Chinese medicine and is often used in conjunction with moxibustion. Classical Oriental texts have referred to the use of this amazing modality for more than 2000 years.
The selection of points utilised in an acupuncture clinic session are individually chosen based on your presenting condition(s), drawing upon thousands of years of observation of the systemic effects of specific points.
These observations have led to the development of a theory of how different areas and functions of the body relate to each other, meaning that points are often selected that are located far away from the site of injury or disease.
Training to become an acupuncturist involves study in Western medical sciences as well as the underlying theories of Chinese medicine.
Acupuncture is best performed by a properly educated and registered practitioner such as Jason Chong for the safest and most effective treatments for your current health.
There are many different styles of acupuncture that have developed throughout East Asia. At the Dantian Health clinic in Brunswick, Melbourne, the focus is on classical techniques from China and gentle needling approaches from Japan.
Consultations with the Dantian Health Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic in Brunswick are exclusively by appointment
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